DaPhunk Band

HEATH KIPP – Bass & Vocals

HEATH KIPP – Bass & Vocals “Get Your Funk On!”SLAPPA DA BASS!!! Heath Kipp has worked in just about every aspect of the music business for over 35 years. He has played in more than 13 bands, performed on 5 studio-recorded CDs, and secured an opening act spot with his band Jazz East for the […]

BOB SKAMAI – Trumpet

BOB SKAMAI – Trumpet “This guy is a rose hanging out with a bunch of Funky Thorns!” Bob has more talent in his little finger than most guys have in their whole body!!!!


JOE ALSIPPI – DaHorns I have been playing sax for 52 years. I play tenor, bari, alto and soprano saxes. I’ve played up and down the East coast, Canada and on a cruise ship. I’ve backed up numerous bands in recording studios. Also worked with an oldies show band, a top 40 band, wedding bands […]


JEFF ANZELONE – Drums When the Drums and the Bass lock together…..MAGIC!!! Jeff Anzelone is an award-winning drummer hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. Jeff’s been playing drum set for over 35 years and has performed with a multitude of musical acts over his professional career. In addition to laying down the groove with DaPhunk Band, Jeff […]

KEN STEELE – Keyboards & Vocals

KEN STEELE – Keyboards & Vocals “I’m your Funky Keyboard Player! And I sing too!” Also: DaPhunk Band Music Director!! Ken began gigging out at the age of 12 with his dad’s country rock band and has had the bug to perform ever since. He graduated from SRU with a music performance degree on alto […]

JASON SARRA – Guitar & Vocals

JASON SARRA – Guitar & Vocals I’ve been playing guitar for 44 years, since the age of 7. I was born into the music scene from a young age, working at my family’s music store. I also play bass guitar (not as good as Heath!). I’ve been playing in bands since high school, everything from […]


Brian Bookwood – vocals “I sing Funk songs every day, and I love Red Kool-Aid!” Brian was born and raised in Pittsburgh by a mother who was a local singer in the 50’s. He was taught to sing at any family gathering or public place that had enough people gathered to embarrass he and my […]