DaPhunk Band

Brian Bookwood - vocals

“I sing Funk songs every day, and I love Red Kool-Aid!”

Brian was born and raised in Pittsburgh by a mother who was a local singer in the 50’s. He was taught to sing at any family gathering or public place that had enough people gathered to embarrass he and my sister.

And so it begins… Listening to any vinyl or 8 track he could get his hands on and sing along, trying his best to imitate what he heard.

High school really kicked off the serious part of developing into a singer and performer with a group of fellow metal heads and rock & rollers. Brian had a TRUE “garage band” experience!

He started hitting the local scene with a group of misfits they called “Steal Justice” and after a couple of years in the local scene. They built up another “blues” influenced cover & original band and Brian recorded his first album with “Voodoo Wagon”. 

After showing up to a rehearsal to find his replacement at the microphone, he was fortunate to be invited to jam with a group of guys that became life long friends. He recorded and played with “Crash Cafe” and created some epic memories playing all the cover stuff they loved. Meanwhile local record stores helped to distribute their original recording of the album “Bedlam Symphony”

Brian moved away and raised a family. He came full circle back into the fold with his friends from Crash Cafe to create a new version of DaPhunk Band.

Here he is with grown kids and gray hair, having a blast making people dance until I can’t!!! See you on the dance floor!!